Sherwood Showdown cover

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Review of the illustrations for Sherwood Showdown found here:

Box: Now, normally I wouldn’t spend any time commenting on the box for a two-player card game – but in this case I’m going to make an exception. Have you ever had the experience where you picked up a book, and it just ‘felt’ like it was going to be a good read? Those of you who are avid readers will know what I’m talking about. You pick up a book and it’s just perfectly sized, the cover is made from paper with a comforting tactility, the pages have that wonderful rag-paper feel to them and you just know, without having read a word, that you’re going to enjoy this book! Well I had that same experience with the box for Sherwood Showdown. The box is small, but not too small. The cardboard has been covered with a material that has a pleasing smoothness about it. The edges of the box are rounded rather than sharp and the whole thing has a pleasant heft about it. And the cover artwork is, well, whimsical. I loved this box from the moment that I picked it up!

Cards: In terms of aesthetics, I must say that I really love the artwork on the cards. The illustrations are water colours that were created by Heather Young, and she has done some very fine work. There is something just simple and right about these paintings. To me at least, they’re evocative of the rather whimsical world that the Robin Hood of legend and lore would have inhabited – and they just add a pleasing and satisfying quality to the game. “